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New Wash, A Shampoo-Conditioner Alternative

The iconic brand Hairstory, and the raving review's of a product called New Wash. Guess what? It's not really shampoo, but a shampoo & conditioner replacement. Other Brands that are two-in-one shampoo & conditioner cannot compare. New Wash is in a different category than the normal nearby drugstore shampoo or cult favorite from Sephora. Formulated with essential oils and no synthetic compounds, this product has the future of great hair in mind and directly supports your licensed hair professional. The most important attribute, it is free of any det

ergents which might I add, most shampoo brands use as an ingredient.

The encounter is magical when you first use New Wash. It does not produce suds, you should change the concept that bubbles+soap=clean. The fragrance is a nice clean smell not to overwhelming and the instructions is simple. You MUST work the product into your scalp and through your hair evenly, and do the same when rinsing it out. Go ahead, give yourself a scalp massage, the experience of using just one product is fascinating.

What Do I Think About New Wash?

The outcome is insanely beautiful, long or short hair, air-drying is flawless leaving no tangled ends. I’d recommend using a wide tooth comb or a wet brush to comb out your hair before letting air-dry. Essential oils & plant derivatives like Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract & Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, make your hair texture feel clean and totally brand new. Just the right amount of oils give your hair a natural shine & can ease the annoying flaky-itchy scalp problem. Most people shampoo 3-5 times a week. New Wash use Is recommended once or twice a week.

Who Can Use New Wash?

Try the Regular New Wash for thin to normal-dry hair. The best change customers witness is when you wake up and your hair isn't messy and all over the place. Most shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils because most leading drug-store brands use detergents used in car wash or laundry soaps. Good haircare starts with your first use of New Wash. In one to two weeks you will start seeing healthy results that a single shampoo can not provide. It is a struggle to find a hair washing alternative that you can be comfortable with.Thick hair is prone to dryness and split ends, fine hair may battle brittleness & breakage however using this diverse product, the New Wash natural remedy works well with all types of hair.


It is very vital that you follow the directions, use a good amount and massage it out thoroughly from scalp to the ends of your hair. New Wash can remove buildup if you have long hair, make sure you take the comb through your hair a few times in the shower and apply product to your ends. Use the cleansing brush to exfoliate your scalp and comb through your ends.

Remember to massage the product out the same way you rubbed it in.

HairStory is really a good product that is breaking the rules when it comes to hair care, define your hair with this awesome product.

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