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5 Top Hair Products Every Man Should Own

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Have you ever faced a situation where a highly recommended hair styling cream seems to work on everyone but you? That’s because hair products are not meant for every hair type. If one enhances the curly texture, the same cream might give a rather unappealing effect for straight hair. It’s wise to know what type of hair product suits your hair type lest you end up disappointed particularly at an expensive purchase. To help you out, I have mentioned the top five hair products by R+Co— a reputable haircare brand endorsed by celebrity hair artists—that covers almost every hair type.


R+Co Rockaway Salt styling spray predominantly use epsom salt to mimic beach waves everyone loves.

Sprayed directly on your hair, it lends a matte finish and set a strong. The spray also contains some exceptional ingredients to add volume making it a great choice for thin hair.

Interestingly, the designer also considered sensitive skin while creating the product as Balm mint is included in the formula. If you have medium length hair and slight curls or a wave, you'll certainly love R+Co Salt Spray.

“It works best with medium hair length so some guys (such as myself) find it useful,” said a customer.

Control Flexible Paste

If you favor a more pliable and soft texture R+Co Control Flexible Paste is the perfect product for you. Nourished with Aloe vera, ginger roots, and mango extracts, it's light, non-sticky, and delivers a long-lasting semi-matte finish. Surprisingly, R+Co CFP possesses a very good grip, as well. “I really like how this holds. Worth the money.” remarked, one comsumer. Apply it on damp hair for medium hold, and dry for a strong one. Looking at the reviews people with short hair prefer it mostly and while they found R+Co Control Flexible Paste is a bit expensive, it has earned the price. "This is the best paste I've ever used. plenty of hold and volume but hair still remains soft and not sticky. switched from bumble and bumble to this and I'm very happy. great brand.” said, one from Columbus, OH.

Air Craft Pomade

Air Craft Pomade can revive your hair without washing it daily. The mousse uses heat protection polymer to prevent frizziness while creating a volume to your hair, leaving a messy tousled appearance. As for its hold, one customer from Brooklyn with disobedient hair switched to Air Craft immediately after it settled his coarse hair that, according to him, none had managed to accomplish it before. “I'm a guy with coarse, unmanageable curls — even keratin can't keep my hair under control for long. It's always been a struggle to find products that work well to provide shine, texture, and hold without being greasy/crunchy. I think R+Co might just be the magic bullet.” All in all, it’s a decent product for almost all hair types.

Sand Castle

For those wanting a beach look but without the coarse texture of salt spray or the greasy texture some leaves, they should go for R+Co sand castle styling crème. The crème drives the texture from Lava clay while the coconut oil extract retains the moisturizing effect to prevent brittleness.

That said, while sand castle leaves a matte finish similar to salt spray, its primary function is to lift the fine hair. If used correctly, it gives astonishing results as one buyer explained it with precision. “I have tried dozens of different products over the years to give my fine hair some lift. I was looking for a product that wouldn't make my hair greasy. I'd been using hair clay for a long time, but the grease was staining my pillowcase. This stuff is great. Zero grease. I have dark brown hair, and haven't had the problems with white flakes, that some people mention. Maybe they're using too much?

Acid Wash

People with short hair can barely survive without hair grooming products. But with regular use, the styling products deposit a residue on the scalp risking hair loss. To avoid premature balding, detoxing your scalp at least once a week is the best solution for you and R+Co Acid wash serves the purpose quite well. After one use, you’ll immediately notice your hair glossed with a shine.

Acid wash primarily uses Apple Cider extract to exfoliate your scalp stripping away the product debris. It does smell a bit vinegary; however, if you can overlook it, it yields amazing results. “I'm super surprised this work because I'm tried clarifying shampoos that haven't worked for me. It's very easy to dispense and it doesn't smell bad. I have thick hair and get build up from my shampoo and this really gets rid of it,” stated one reviewer.

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