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Balayage On Dark Hair: What T/M Experts Say

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a freehand method of painting color on the hair, and typically results in a more natural looking color than traditional foil highlights. Balayage can be used to cover gray hair, and there are a few different methods you can use to do this. In this article, we will discuss three ways balayage will work on dark hair so that it looks natural and beautiful. Let's get started!What To Expect From Your First Visit

San Francisco balayage artists find that balayaging on dark hair is easiest when your hair is natural or virgin. The untouched canvas lightens evenly resulting in the least amount of damage. When you imagine the results after your very first balayage, it's safe to expect your hair color will first reach dark to medium brown in lightness; gradual lightening is key to keeping your hair healthy and strong.

Balayage artist like Benji Pow, use many tools and product placement to achieve your desired look. From applicator brushes to balayage easels and partial to full color-placement, balayage experts have a wide range of resources at their disposal and use them inter-changeably.

Tones of Brown

Brown shades are better suited for darker hair colors, and can range between warm, neutral and cool shades. Due to the natural undertones of dark hair, warm shades are easy to maintain while neutral and cool shades tend to fade quicker since they are more unnatural. Color maintenance includes reparative or moisture masks like R+Co Bleu Primary Color Masque to retain moisture and add shine

as well as Evo Fabuloso Cool Brow Color Conditioner, to keep neutral and cool brown tones from fading to it's natural warm state. 8-10 weeks from your initial appointment book a Milbon Repair or Smooth Treatment as well as a Toner here.

Going Blonde

Foily-age can also be used to achieve a cool blonde tone from a dark brown base. The traditional hand-painting technique will leave hints of warmth, or unwanted red, orange or yellow tones and is not recommended as your initial lightening service. This technique may take longer on thicker or longer hair, appointments can last up to 6-8 hours or must be broken down into multiple visits.

Adding balayage on dark hair can also be used to give the hair a stylish look instead of an all over single process hair color, which can lead to unwanted color re-touching. Balayage is most commonly used for to create attention to texture especially when using a curling iron or the tousled second-day hair. Many balayage colorists also use balayage on dark hair to add dimension and break up an all over single-processed look.

The balayage technique is very versatile and can work with every hair colors and types. It is important to find consult with a stylist before committing to a full makeover, a little goes a long way.

- Benji Pow @sanfranciscobalayage

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