If you're a woman living in a big city, chances are you're constantly on the go. Switching from work attire to something that's a little more evening appropriate, usually takes place in the woman's bathroom of your office building. I think we women know this routine all too well, especially here in San Francisco where chances are, your neighborhood bar has become your place of refuge after a hectic work day. With the help of our T/M Creative Team, we've put together some looks for you babes, in an effort to make this transition from day to night a little less bothersome. Please enjoy, and hopefully these looks will help you spend less time in your office facilities and more time at the bar! 

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Xoxo, T/M


T A Y L O R  /  M O N R O E Creative Team:

Angela, Ash, Faryl, Arianna, Hannah, Tina, Atty, John, Jasmin

Photographer: Genevieve Diaz